We are Susan and Graeme Long and we have been working as a creative team under the name of Mouse and Moon since 2003!

Since 2012 we have been developing and creating the Moonlighting range. Success from our Christmas Markets and Craft Show exhibitions and reacting to our customers’ feedback means we are now very excited to launch our Moonlighting range in our online shop.

We live and work from our home studio in Shropshire, UK and we just know that you will love and appreciate at least some of what we create.

Since our inception in 2012 Mouse and Moon / Moonlighting has successfully ‘re-homed’ thousands of unique recycled* bottle Moonlights, each of which has been individually up-cycled and decorated by our own hands at our home studio.  We are proud to be the first to decorate the bottles in this, our own unique way and will continue to do so for many years with the kind support of our many satisfied customers and subsequently their friends and friends of friends!

We wish you love and light in your life always.
Thank you
Graeme & Susan

‘* Whilst we originally set out to always use recycled bottles in our art, increased demand means we now have to buy a small quantity as new. All our larger pieces we create are still using 100% recycled bottles.
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